Sunday, July 20, 2008

Inventory everywhere

Our adventure continues as we painstakingly go through our goodies and get them all listed; spreading inventory out between two households and over any flat surface we can find. Our sales have been steady in our first week, exceeding $250 with the promise of more to come. We have leads on two more consignment possibilities and are advertising our services locally for maximum exposure. Go Texas Studios!

Boxes and storage bins abound. There was little organization to it when we started. Some of this here, a little of that there....boxes full of scrapbooking, card making, paper project supplies of all types.

Our first day accomplished putting about 75 auctions up and running on eBay and getting like products together.

We focused on Prima flowers and rubber stamps...but didnt even put a dent in the piles!

Ya gotta admit though, its fun as heck!

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myska said...

Leslie, I am relatively new to blogging as well. Looks good! I have looked at your auctions, but am nearly drowning in stash myself! I have subscribed to your blog! Keep it up, Scrappin' Chick!