Sunday, April 25, 2010

My spin on "green" crafts!

I went to my monthly SU meeting and one of the women was using her ATG, something I've been wanting to invest in for a while now. As she finished up a roll of tape I took the white plastic ring and wore it as a bracelet.

Now I agree, not the most fashionable of things but when everyone laughed and rolled their eyes, I promised I would be blinging this out and wearing it next month! So here it is.

Having never used Adirondack Alcohol Inks, I gathered a few together with just the felt applicator and some rubbing alcohol. Got out my favorite bling and pearls, some ribbon and a charm and went to it.

I played with the alcohol inks until I got a mess of color that seemed to merge together well. I started with the lightest color, just like we would for a background on a card and worked toward the darker. I made sure to color most of the inside to cover the white of the plastic as well. I didn't purchase any metallic or blending solution so I'm not sure how this might have turned out had I done so. This is really just a first time experiment in alcohols and if I botched something up; well it was "trash" afterall.

I will grant you, this isn't the height of fashion and probably won't start a big "go green" trend in jewelry but it was fun to work with the new element and to have something to show next month when I hit the First Friday Craft/Scrapper Night at my SU club.

At least one less plastic ring went into a landfill, at least for now!

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Sande said...

Your ring bracelet is adorable. Looks like something I would do. If I see something, even on the group, I'll stop and pick it up and think "what could I make from this"

I find a new purpose for just about anything...and nothing goes in the trash before I look at it twice.

Would be a super project for my grand daughter, age 12...her friends would all want one.