Sunday, February 27, 2011

More Mini Me Fun~!

For a photog opp, the mini me's are turning out to be a family are some more adventures of our "mini me" outings and family fun.

Valentine's Day was a fun time........but we didn't stop there.

Course there has been some surgery and recovery time; so having my "Mini Me" as company was a great comfort!

Are we at all worried about my sanity yet?  Some of my family is, I must admit!

And yet, a dinner party was planned this past weekend and in order to get just the freshest of fish, we headed to Austin's Quality Fish Market!

Check out the "Mini Me" adventures there!

"Mini Me's" like quality family time, even if it is a slumber party!

Finally the next afternoon was a wonderful wedding planning day; we couldn't leave the "Mini Me's" out of the cake tasting!

Yes, they are a part of our family now........we love our "Mini Me's" and they love us!

Stay tuned for more adventures and more paper crafting.  (Here's a little secret, I've been told to make Mini Me's of the bride and groom for the wedding day!  Baby Sister says Yes!  I think we should - vote here yes or no! in the comments!)

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tina said...

Yes make a mini bride and groom- how cute!