Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My first Diaper Cake

My niece, Jessica, had her baby shower this weekend and I had the best time putting together my first diaper cake.

As you might remember, when we made the shower invitations, she wanted a "sea life" theme and came up with the great "celebrate our fastest swimmer".

I found some great sea life baby stuff (seems to be a popular theme) so I had stuff all over this creation.

Some said I over did it so you couldn't see the cake but I couldn't stop!

I read all the instructions I could find on other blogs, Splitcoast and Two Peas and found that building the cake around a center bottle of Sparkling non alcoholic water was the best and sturdiest way to go.  Found a Peach flavored Champagne Sparkling Water (non alcoholic) that I adhered to the Wilton cardboard cake base (10 inch) with dimensional glue dots (I used Zots.)

Then started rolling diapers.  I found some blue and green polka dot diapers at Target that lended itself nicely to a bubbly/water theme.  I used less than 50 to build the entire cake!  So the extras and a second bag I bought (I had no idea how many to use) went straight to the new Mom.  Rubber banding them two layers around the base.  Second base was one more layer and around the thin neck of the bottle set them in closer to the center that it wasn't necessary to go three layer, two layer then one layer.  This worked very well.

I tied a very thin white ribbon around each circular layer and on the outside put the wide blue ribbon.  Covered the stabilizing ribbon and gave me a base to attach things with more dimensional dots to all around each layer.

I put a hoodie towel over the top but everyone decided it covered too much of the cake so we took it off and let the whole thing just shine through.

My favorite find was the cute little sandals perfect for the beach.  They were darling.  All the items for the cake were purchased at Target except the bows and ribbons which were purchased at Michaels.  So easy to find in most areas.
Cutest darn sandals

 The spoons stuffed down into the washcloths and between the diapers just like flowers, shocked myself how well that worked out.  The pacifers tied on with white ribbon and the tubby toys adhered with dimensionals.

Finally there was the great banner we were able to order that will be a keepsake and bedroom decoration for many years to come that just flowed with the whole "fastest swimmer" theme!

Baby Isaiah and momma Jessica will have so much fun with all the wonderful gifts that she was showered with on Sunday, we can't wait til Aug. 3rd'ish when the big day arrives.


Jennipher Lowery said...

Very interesting Leslie! I've never heard of diaper cakes until today.

Leslie St.Aubin said...

They are all over SCS, I can't remember how I heard about them but they turn out so stinkin' cute!

There are much better ones than mine in the SCS gallery.

Jackie said...

I think your diaper cake turned out very nice! I do love the sea theme....TFS!!!

~Laurie said...

Great job!! First time and you're a pro!

alteredforhim said...

Hi hun, sorry I haven't been by sooner. I love this little cake. A lady I had met at a scrapbook store made a diaper motorcycle for a baby, it was cute!

I hope you're doing well. Have a great day!

Margaret said...

How cute. I've never seen one of these either. It looks very complicated, but you did a great job on it. I'm sure mom to be loved it.

Tina said...

Very cool, looks fab!