Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas is more than paper and ink......

We have so much to think about during the holidays........especially Christmas.

Christmas is the remembrance of our Lord's birth; a birth that was created in order to reconcile us to our Father God.  It's about relationship; that between each of us and God and its a wonderful time to simply be reminded that God gifts us with family and friends.  Relationships.

This weekend we were blessed with a visit from my son and his future wife.  We are blessed by four children (our blended family) and each of those children have chosen wonderful partners.  Our family grows.

I was fortunate enough this weekend to pass along a family tradition, the making of holiday divinity onto my future daughter in law, Amanda.  She loved the candy cane divinity I made last year and so she jumped right in and we made a batch while they were here.

You could say she was proud of her accomplishments!  : )  I'm sure it won't be her last batch.  She mastered it!  We enjoyed a few ourselves but boxed up the rest and sent it home with them when they headed back to Houston.

But in the meantime, the boys got out the tree, decorations and such.  So again, Amanda helped get that tree just right!  Deep underneath, we spread the tree skirt.

Yes boots and jeans.......that's Amanda...........I'm the one that can't seem to wiggle underneath like I used to!  Number one son is busy with a game on the iPad, so helpful!

She sure can stretch around alot!  Very helpful skill.  

But the end result...........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

And with that done, its time to relax!  It may be early, but our shopping is done and just the traveling to do, so here's an early Merry Christmas everyone.  The Christ is born!

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Jackie said...

TFS! Looks like you all had a nice time!!!