Monday, July 16, 2012

Pillow Wreath and dreams.......

I had this silly notion that I would apply for the Artisian Award this year.  Silly because I decided this a month out from the deadline (in May which includes our anniversary, Mother's Day, hubby's birthday day, Memorial Day and a four day crafting retreat!)

See Rockin Reality Retreat Center in Temple, TX for the best retreat center on earth but I digress!

So the brilliant idea was that surrounded by the enormous amount of talent and inspiration I would get all required projects done that four full days of cropping and creating and sewing (we'll get to that soon) and have it all ready to finish a few last minute tweaks here and there and have it off to SU with time to spare!  The retreat was, afterall, May 17 - 20, 2012, plenty of time!

Here is where the problem came in (and trust me, I work great under pressure so the quality wasn't my hold up!)  I can't sew or rather I don't sew and thus this ultimately adorable project planned for one of my 3D projects was a learn as I go prospect that ended up taking the ENTIRE four day retreat.

  So here it is, my ONE 3D project which I was quite happy with but frankly took me four full days (much wonderful wine from my best friend's winery) and another day of our next retreat two weeks later (after deadline when of course I knew the hurry was over) in which I added the buttons as a finishing touch I knew it needed.

 If you are like me, frankly the use of some of the beautiful Stampin' Up! fabric was something I could not resist and while this in no way goes with anything in our home decor, the Comfort Cafe colors are just delicious.  Don't you agree?

 So one 8-10" wire wreath in hand, it was pillow making time.  I cut the material 3 1/2" inches wide (allowing plenty of seam allowance - such a "sewy" word") by 9" (so as to only have three sides to sew!  Clever me decided to fold in over at one 3 1/2" side so the length of the finished pillow would then be 3 x 4 and let the ribbon squish in the sides to give it a somewhat longer, fuller effect.  At least that's how it turned out and it seemed to work just fine.

 Sew a pillow, stuff a pillow and hand sew the open end with clear thread and a folded in seam on end.  See my cute pillows as they lined up along my computer (who goes to a retreat without their computer, we might have to brag and show off things and events to those left at home!)

 I mean four days of sewing and talking and sipping wine and dinners and more talking and more laughing at Leslie trying to sew and you get the picture.  Artisian Award wasn't happening but come heck or high water, this wreath was!

So pillow after pillow and soon I had a full wreath and a pretty cool finished product.

Until I realized it just really needed something else.....

Stampin' Up's! new Natural Buttons of course.  I do have to admit when I got them sewed on to the blue only pillows, it did just add what I wanted.

And after much teasing and some help from those experienced in sewing, I had completed something I was proud of and was willing to share.  It inspired me in many ways.  First, I think this project was Artisian Award worthy admittance.  Second, maybe I really could learn a new skill like sewing.  And third, and most important.....perhaps the fine art of procrastination isn't all its cut out to be!  But there's always next year, right?

With all this in mind, I have decided to branch out further and hopefully within a short time I will have a review of my 30 day free trial of MDS (My Digital Studio).  While I never thought I would want to do digital scrapbooking, I have seen several times when having such a final piece would have its advantages.  With three more weddings in our children's futures, I know the prospect of all the brides wanting the tactile, dimensional, more traditional scrapbook may not be that good.  I also like the idea of having a "book" look to certain events.  A story where I'm apt to do more journaling than I currently do in my traditional scrapbooks (yes something I need to improve upon.)  So do expect some type of review of this product and maybe a major purchasing decision to take it to the next level beyond my 30 day trial.  See you all soon, in the meantime I'm off deep sea fishing, bible study, a FIVE DAY retreat at Rockin' R (but who's bragging) and back to work at Woodman State Jail in our prison ministry after a health related hiatus in July. 

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Margaret said...

What a fabulous project. Love the material and colors you chose.