Sunday, November 4, 2012

I know! I know!

I promised a new blog straight from the retreat center!  And I had every intention of doing just that!

But there's something about getting together with all your friends and the time flies out the window, the progress on projects slows way down and suddenly you are packing and heading home!

Ya gotta admit, first the retreat center looks awesome!  Second, WE look awesome and like we are having the time of our lives!  We were! 

So for me, I got a great shirt altered (ruched up the sleeves and sides and made the tshirt neck into a boatneck shirt! - I hate tshirts but I found out a way to make them wearable and bearable for me!).  Note the boatneck shirt above (I'm second from the left) and I don't sew!  I was totally flying by the seat of my pants and as my friends all know, that's just how I roll!  But I was happy, no one knows by looking at it that it wasn't bought that way and I'm ready to go crazy with all those tshirts in my closet I NEVER wear!  I promise, I'll make a tutorial on it soon in my craft room and get it up here!  If you hate the restraining feeling of a tshirt neck, this is the simplest and easiest project evah!  I promise!

I did 14 "my wish list" gifts for my ladies in Stamp Club!

But I can't show those!  Spoil the whole surprise for my Stamp Club!

I started on one of our four Christmas cards, the first CASE'd from LeeAnn Greff, her thank you card was an easy transformation into a CAS Christmas card!

And finally I made a banner, my first real MDS2+ project (or MDS project at all) for my Facebook banner!  It's simple but it got me playing on MDS2+ and if you haven't tried all that My Digital Studio by Stampin' Up! can do for you, you are missing out on a simple but powerful graphic program!

So if any of this excites you; stop by my website: and shop, join my team or just ask questions on my FB page so we can get you started doing the most creative craft for the uncrafty!  Honest, its the most fun I've had since Kindergarten's cut and glue skills!

Until next time..........keep crafting and keep smiling!

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