Monday, March 9, 2009

Generally speaking.....

Generally speaking I am quiet, reserved and shy. I put on a good show but for the most part inside I'm a bowl of jello just waiting for the warmth to slowly melt me away. I'd rather be home than out. I'd rather be with family and friends than in a crowd of strangers. I don't like loud anything, except an occasional 70's rocking song. I like both clutter and clean; depending on what part of the house and my mood. All things can change.

Generally speaking I would rather cook a large meal for friends than go out and blow $100 in a restaraunt. I would rather share a movie with someone than attend a fancy party. I would rather sit quietly in my home than run around all day shopping for nothing. My needs today are fewer than yesterday and my house is open to any who want refuge. I still want a large home but only to house all our children together every day or on holidays or whenever we can gather them together.

Generally speaking I am filled with admiration for my parents and love for my children but I'm not without days when I feel worn out by family and friends and obligations. I try my best. I am blessed with parents who have stuck by me through more than I should have dished out. I am blessed with children who would make any parent proud. I am blessed with a son who is loving, loyal, fiercely protective toward his baby sister, honest, extremely creative and faithful. I am blessed a daughter who is bright, beautiful, talented, energetic, independent and spirited.

Generally speaking I am happily married, we have those days too! I was blessed with a God loving, spirit filled man who makes his life a testimony! He sees to my needs, always puts me first and reminds me in his actions to do the same toward him. He shares his faith with me and others so willingly. He shows me love in the ways he knows means the most to me and supports me in my work as well. It's easy to overlook when we angered but I truly could not ask for more from a partner in life and in heaven!

Generally speaking I feel love and concern for everyone, I have my bad days too. I love the Lord with all my heart and all my soul and all my mind and all my strength; but He knows I have bad days. I serve Him as best I know how. I consider it an honor to be His child. I am ever so grateful for all He has done for me.

Generally speaking there are few who could boast more than I.

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