Friday, March 13, 2009

Finishing up a week and still working!

Sometimes I miss the quiet times; where I could turn on a small lamp, curl up with a book and just be quiet. Especially on days like today when the rain just drizzles down all day and the cold is outside and the warm is inside. I want to just curl up and be warm.
But today I had to run to both banks, put gas in my car, and grocery shop. I'm still working, learning about website building and writing text for grants for the ministry; all while I'd rather be still, quiet and enjoying the sound of rain rather than the sound of my grinding brain!
But I am thankful for slow rain, soft lamp light and meaningful work to focus on. I am thankful I am here typing instead of out building roads or picking up garbage or slinging burgers for harried customers who have no gratitude for your hard and fast work. I often have to remind myself that I have been given gifts I cannot and do not see until they are taken; it should not be that way. I have to slow down the complaining long enough to replace the words of criticism and whining with thanksgiving.
As I work this late Friday night, writing and researching and learning Dreamweaver 4 for a job I don't presently get paid for; I remind myself there is a husband out working hard to insure I get the privilege of this work, others involved in this ministry that are trying as hard as I am and many who have gifted me with many things that allowed me to stay true to this course. I am blessed with people who see to my financial needs. I am blessed with people who have my back and won't let me fall again. I am blessed with friends and family who share my vision, my passion, my desires.
Tonight I am blessed with work; and I will enjoy the rain while I work. Let me always be grateful for the rain and the sunshine.

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