Monday, April 19, 2010

Battling wasps and fatigue!

How wonderful was our recent Lone Star Retreat in Georgetown, TX? It was wonderful!

Karmen made it special in so many ways, her food, always a treat was wonderful. She gave us open use of the two cricut machines and I swear some of my fellow crafters spent more time in the cricut hall than they did at their tables! : )

On the whole we were a small overnight group but we were joined on Friday night by two more crafters and four on Saturday. The girls and I just couldn't seem to settle down on Saturday and before we knew it, we were pulling an all nighter in the craft area. Around 3 AM however, we noticed some very unwanted guests!

From about 3 am til about 6 am we battled wasp after wasp. Our fearless leader, Susan Kay Tate with Creative Memories and our hostess for this event was vigilant in our fight. Over and over we would count the enemy and over and over we came up with the same numbers no matter how many we killed.

Then about sunrise, as quickly as they began to appear, they disappeared and we could get back to scrapping and working. As the sun came up and the other crafters came back into the main building, we gathered for breakfast and for more creativity.

I ended the weekend for myself about two hours early, my cherrios had definitely run out and I wanted my own bed and my own pillow! I needed sleep. But I had a truly delightful weekend and couldn't have asked for a better Valentine's Day present....hubby loved having a weekend to himself after so much nursing from my recent surgery and I needed the time to just play without stress. Belated as the Valentine's present was (though I got the card and payment for the retreat at Valentine's) it was a wonderful and thoughtful treat.

Here are a few of my creations....


Tam said...

Hi, Leslie. Very pretty cards, glad you had a great weekend.

Emkay said...

Lovely cards! Sounds like a fun weekend, other than the wasps. I don't like wasps!

Sarah said...

Great cards, and a great little get away- how fun must that have been?! Well... except for the wasp part! Being allergic to bee and wasp stings, I don't think I could have lasted long there. So glad you didn't have any real problems. How wonderful that you were able to get away for such a nice time!