Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bible Study and scrapping

I am so lucky that I've met some wonderful ladies who have a love of the Lord and a love of scrapbooking.

Recently we've begun a study of The Holy Spirit and are scrapping our study together once a month. What a joy to bring the Lord into the center of even our hobbies. I joke with my husband "I'm scrapping God!" Thankfully God knows what I mean and I think He smiles!

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Sarah said...

What an awesome thing to get together every month for. I just may have to try to put something similar together with some of my friends. I received a great book as a gift called "Scrapbooking Your Faith" by Courtney Walsh and am really enjoying it. You and your group might want to check it out for some inspiration for your group.
I love what you told your husband; that's so funny! ;-)