Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vintage Altered Puzzle Pieces

I just got a swap back from an SCS swap!

It turned out awesome!

Everyone was sent the same piece out of 16 puzzles to alter. It was to be a vintage theme. Simple enough. Alter 16 pieces all the same and send them back in!

You can see how everyone's interpretation, though very different, melded and blended together just perfectly!

I am especially hopeful to find that wonderful Kewpie stamp! My High School Mascot!

I have to thank Janice (jpsenda on SCS) for hostessing this wonderful swap, numbering and sorting all the pieces and getting them back to us correctly. What a job, I wouldn't have wanted to do it but she did it perfectly!

Now just to find the right box frame and I have a new and wonderful art piece for my craft room! I couldn't have put something like this together if I had tried but with 15 other artists! Wala!


Carla aka scrappypug said...

Ok this is just amazing! I love it!

Sarah said...

Talk about impressive! What a wonderful collaboration! I have never heard of or seen anything like this. I love it! It's so great how everything is different yet it all coordinates wonderfully. How fun!!

Patty (LaLatty) said...

Oh, this is really neat. I've never seen an altered puzzle! Great idea!

Cass said...

I LOVVVE this puzzle!! You did an incredible job on this!

Jacqueline said...

That is such a fun idea! It turned out great! I love everyone's different designs! ~Jacqueline @ Scraps of Life