Sunday, March 13, 2011

A day with my crafty pals

You've been introduced to our "mini me" adventures earlier and well, they just continue.  Unbelievably she was not pulled out and photog'ed during our car buying spree on Friday but she was pulled out at a recent visit to a friend, wanting to craft but still recovering from surgery.  So this post is in celebration of friendships and new cars. 

It was a banner week.

I did keep the price sticker and some other ephemera for scrapping along with this pic so you'll see my layouts soon!

Haven't had that much time to scrap but craft club is this Friday so those pics will be posted when I get home I'm sure! 

Hugs to all!  Prayers for Japan and the world as we realize the long term effects this devastation will have on us all. 


Jackie said...

Cute car....can't wait to see more pics!!!

Cass said...

Very nice and I love silver!! I hope you had a good time with your friend!

Cass said...

Hey there, just stoppin' by to touch base. I hope you're have a great weekend!

Cass said...

Hi, just stoppin' by to say HI! Have a great day!

Sarah said...

Congrats on the awesome new car! Glad to hear you got to have some fun time with a new friend!

Miss Molly said...

I love the car!! Your craft goodness picture was great too!