Thursday, August 9, 2012

Confessions of a lazy CASE'r

I have to admit, I'm lazy sometimes when it comes to CASE'ing and flat out project creation for my craft club.  We're as much a social club as a craft club so you can imagine with the wine and the food and all the things we do outside our monthly crop, sometimes projects have to be toned down, trimmed and scaled to fit this new demo's budget!  Let's just be honest!  We're not all millionaires!

But I saw the adorable stamped and die cut ornaments being made and I'm thinking "Hey!  White card stock, stamp pad, bundle and we're good to go!"

I'd love to say I have a ton of demo pics as I was creating this months project but alas, I don't.  I'm staring at the Holiday Mini and creating and trying to figure out the back I cannot see and how the darn thing was put together (never occurred to me someone would use hot glue!) and so I only ended up with my finished project............

and I gotta say, I'm impressed with myself!  I took a catalog pic and I turned out a duplicate project!  I now know I have a tutorial worksheet to put together for my stamp club but heck, what else did I have to do this coming weekend!  Other than make ten ornament kits for stamp club next Friday!  But that's okay.

I can honestly say, this once, if never before, I had the tools, all necessary equipment and was able to duplicate something in its totality.  I was pleased with its outcome and happy that this month I didn't cut corners!  That's something, right?  Cause sometimes lazy isn't what it seems.  Sometimes lazy is lack of supplies, tools and embellishments.  Just sayin'!


Margaret said...

Love your beautiful star. I just found a tutorial for making some of these and can't wait to try it.

Jackie said...

Your star came out GREAT! I really like it & need to try one myself...TFS!!!

Sarah Bennett said...

Wow- that star is fabulous! Yes, you sure should be proud of yourself ;-) That should make an awesome group project!!