Monday, August 4, 2014

CKC Houston

I had the chance to attend CKC Houston this past weekend and what fun it was.  I took the class called "Newest and Coolest" and really scored a great product bag!

How do you not love a cache like this?  There was something from so many different companies and so many different styles.  I couldn't believe the Spectrum Noir markers included!  Washi. Tidbits. Sequins. Tickets. Tags. Buttons. Corrugated board. So much!  And we hadn't even started shopping yet!

Okay this is a little embarrassing!  I admit it, I went overboard but this year's CKC, and all those great products in one place!  Project Life got me, Heart of Texas Studios (my dear friend Pam Sivage and her husband!), Queen and Company had some fun freebies (I won't ruin it for you if you plan to attend, though you might spy them in the pic!) with purchase, and so much other deals made this years event great.  I wasn't at all disappointed!  (Which some had said that they had been getting smaller and smaller, disappointing a little more each year.)  I had a blast.  And so the next few weeks and months will be showcasing some of this fun! 

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